Last Conference of the year.

Fantastic conference our last of the school year, it was made even better with a visit from Judith. Good luck to everyone moving on to new schools and classes. I look forward too seeing some of you in September . Have a great summer. Mrs Swanton

One thought on “Last Conference of the year.

  1. Hope you have a good holiday. I loved working with you it was so fun! I liked it at Christmas when we shared what we wanted for Christmas 🙂 I liked working with you all because some of the children related to me in very different ways and if I saw them in real life I think I would be a couple of their friends. The stars that shine in the sky remind me of special friends that wont ever leave my brain and some day I shall meet them and remember about the old days that I spent with you 🙂 . Thank you if you liked my quote I made it myself.Thanks for reading. Byeeeee! 🙂

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